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   Bathroom Renovations

We specialize in bathroom renovations and will complete the entire renovation from re-tiling and painting to finish with a guarantee. So leave your bathroom renovations to us.

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   JoJo Tank Installations

Harvesting rain water has become a necessity in the recent months and with the water shortages and restrictions it has become essential to create a buffer by storing large quantities of water so that life and business can continue to function.

Plumber on the roof is a certified installer of JoJo tanks in the Johannesburg area and we are able to install JoJo Tanks, Pump and filtration systems for domestic and commercial use. Contact us today for a quote.


   Plumbing Services

  • Bathroom renovations

  • Installation & removal of geysers of all sizes (Solar and electric)

  • Installation of septic tank and soak pits/French drains

  • Heat pumps

  • Domestic and commercial plumbing and installations

  • Plumbing Contracting

  • Installation of water meters of all sizes (domestic and industrial)

  • Installation of all hot and cold points (domestic and industrial)

  • Storm water drainage

  • Un-blocking of drains and sewer lines

  • Leak repairs

  • Any other plumbing requirements

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